Top tips to declutter your workplace

Jul 12, 2022 | Moving

‘A tidy desk is a tidy mind’ was a phrase that was often bandied about at school.

So, what does a tip of an office say about you?! We hate to think…

It’s easy for clutter in a workspace to become overwhelming. Even now many people are working remotely at least some of the time, our desks and workplaces have a tendency to attract ‘stuff’. Whether it’s stuff we daren’t get rid of ‘just in case’, other people’s stuff which ends up on our desk or stuff which is piled up because there’s nowhere else for it to go – it’s easy to acquire, and harder to get rid of! The fact we’re often not in the office as frequently now probably means it’s even more likely to stack up – out of sight and out of mind.

But there’s no denying that clutter is not good for our mental health, and a good clear out is something which is always worthwhile.

So, here are our top tips for workplace decluttering:

  • Spread the load – get everyone involved. It will be much easier to achieve if you set a day and get everyone there so decisions can be made on the spot about what can stay and what can go.
  • Pack up the paperwork – although much is done digitally now, there’s still often a surprising amount of paperwork floating around in offices. Whether it’s invoices, post it notes, letters, print outs or notepads, it can quickly become a daunting pile. A shredding service can help you get on top of it – and stay on top of it. We can offer regular or one off shreds, depending on your requirements. That way you don’t need to worry about GDPR and confidential details getting into the wrong hands – everything is shredded in our industrial shredders and recycled here in the UK into paper towels and other items. With shredding bins on site, colleagues can get into more of a routine of getting rid of paperwork as it is no longer needed, so it doesn’t build up again. Looking for shredding services near me?
  • Archiving – many organisations have to keep hold of paperwork for a set period of time – perhaps medical or legal records, or financial documents. Rather than have those take up valuable office space, you could take advantage of our document management service. You box up your files, keeping a note of what box contains what items. We then store those for you – and with our clever bar-coded retrieval service, we can get the box for you at a moment’s notice if you require it. If they’re never needed again we can also arrange for them to be automatically shredded on a given date, with our professional document shredding service.
  • Take some offsite storage – many offices come with very little storage space, so every corner and underneath every desk gets turned into somewhere for something to live. Offsite storage can be a lifesaver (and a definite space saver). At McCarthy’s self storage Leeds, you can hire units of all different shapes and sizes. You can get access whenever you need, and your items are kept safe and secure. With ample free parking, and conveniently situated just outside the city centre, you can come and go as you please to drop off or pick up items.
  • Is it time to scale up or scale down? – with more and more people working remotely, many organisations are deciding it might be time to change their work premises. Perhaps you need more storage and less desk space? Or perhaps your business is finding that most people want to come back to the office and you’re expanding. If you’re looking for office removals in Leeds, get in touch!

Looking for storage units Leeds, removals prices or shredding near me? We’re always happy to help answer any questions you might have.

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