A guide to shredding for the hybrid workforce

Jul 12, 2022 | Moving

Until 2020 – or possibly even 2021 – I don’t think many people ever really used the term ‘hybrid workforce’. Now it’s something we hear in everyday language. We can add it to the list of Covid-prompted terms to make it into our general dictionary! (hello furlough and lateral flow tests).

Covid really has changed our ways of working for good. Despite what Boris Johnson, Elon Musk and Lord Sugar say, many companies have found remote or hybrid working has been a major benefit to come from the pandemic. Less demand for office space, lower rents, less time lost to commuting, better productivity and work/life balance – it’s no wonder it’s been a hit with many employees too. It is believed that well over a third of people (38 per cent) are now working remotely at least some of the time.

Of course it doesn’t work in every company or for every role. And, like anything, hybrid working does come with its challenges. One important factor that needs considering by employers is data protection and security. Outside of the confines of a defined office, with IT systems protected by Firewalls and confidential paperwork remaining on site in locked filing cabinets, it all becomes a bit more tricky to manage.

From an IT perspective, things like ensuring passwords are regularly changed, multi-factor authentication is in place and ensuring the latest software and security updates have been performed are key.

Handy reminders to staff about their responsibilities – such as having locked screens in shared spaces, keeping IT equipment safe whilst travelling and being alert to suspicious emails, all help. Remember that once IT equipment has finished its useful life, it needs properly disposing of. We can help with that with our IT Recycling (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Recycling) service.

But confidential data does not only live on tech. Those notebooks with jotted down financial figures. That post it note with the client’s phone number on. That email printed out or letter received from a customer – they all contain confidential information too, which could potentially be used by someone up to no good. Safe document disposal needs consideration.

That’s why it is important that employees are reminded of their obligation to shred any paperwork which could hold personal data on it. Many organisations have a professional document shredding service set up at their office, which may include locked consoles which are regularly collected by a company such as ourselves and shredded on an industrial scale. But what happens when the workforce isn’t always in the office?

Certainly relying on people to have their own efficient shredder, which is functioning properly, is a stretch unless you plan on providing and maintaining them for everyone.

One option is to ask people to bring confidential waste with them to the office when they are working from there and collecting it up to continue the regular shredding service, or to book one off shreds as needed with local shredding companies.

Another option is our home shredding service. We can send out sacks to your employees which they keep at home and fill as needed. Once the bag is full, they can be dropped off at our shredding facility in Leeds, ready to be disposed of. You’ll received a certificate saying it has been done, and we recycle all of our paper waste here in the UK which is great for your environmental responsibilities.

Looking for shredding companies near me or business shredding services near me? Why not give us a call and we can chat through the options we have available to keep you, your employees and your customers safe.

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