Summer shredding

Sep 23, 2022 | Professional Shredding

Spring might conjure up the image of a cleaning frenzy, as does the New Year post-Christmas clear out. But actually, for many of us, summer can allow us some time to get things organised.


Certainly lots of us take time off work during the summer months – not always to jet off on holidays, but sometimes to tackle some much needed jobs at home. Rope the kids in too, whilst they’re bored during the six week break! Even if people are heading off on a long-awaited holiday, that can often lead to a clear out as well, as suitcases are dug out, along with paperwork and travel related items not seen since the last trip away.


So, the summer can actually be a great time for a proper clear out – and at McCarthy’s we’re here to help.


If some summer DIY or renovations have been planned, you might be looking for some help with storage. Our storage units Leeds, offer secure self storage where you can safely store your items for as long as you need. Handy if you’re planning work which would be so much easier to complete with an empty room. Our storage near Leeds city centre has plenty of free parking so you can drop off and pick up your items as and when you need. There’s no minimum contract length required either.


Another service we offer which always proves helpful during a declutter is document disposal. No need to Google ‘shredding services near me’ – we’re here and happy to help. Whether you’re having a clear out at work or at home, we can be of assistance.


For ad hoc shredding requirements you can request one of our shredding sacks which can be sent out to you or collected. You fill it with any paperwork which needs to be destroyed and then bring it back to us. We then safely shred that for you in our industrial shredding machine. Much easier than feeding individual sheets through a home shredder (which keeps jamming) for hours on end. Remember fraudsters can take any piece of information from letters, email print outs, notebooks, statements, prescriptions and all kinds of mundane paperwork for identity fraud purposes. Best to be safe than sorry. Looking for home shredding services near me?


For businesses which may need a more formalised or regular shredding service, we can provide that. We can arrange for you to have lockable bins in your premises which we collect as needed and take away to be destroyed. We even provide a certificate of destruction which you may need for your own reporting processes and standards. All of our shredded paper waste is recycled here in the UK into paper towels and other items. Looking for a professional document shredding service?


Don’t forget electrical items too. Things like old hard drives, laptops, phones and memory sticks can include all manner of confidential information. We can help with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Recycling. Even wiping data from electrical items is no guarantee that a hacker couldn’t gain access to it if they wanted to so it’s best they’re completely destroyed if they’ve outlived their useful life.


So, if you have any summer plans for a clear out, get in touch to find out how we might be able to help make it a little bit easier for you!

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