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Let’s talk protection

Written by on July 5, 2017

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Ok….we admit it. It’s not the sexiest of topics. But there’s a conversation we need to have about protection. Data protection to be precise.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect next May, replacing the existing Data Protection Directive. This will come into force across the EU – with strict penalties for those who don’t comply (up to 4% of worldwide turnover, or up to 20million euros!).

The Financial Times recently ran an article on how woefully underprepared most UK businesses are for the new regulations.

So, what can businesses do to get prepared?

Firstly, don’t think you’re too small to take notice. No matter what size your business is, these regulations apply. Of course, when a breach happens, the media tends to focus on large scale examples and household names, but that doesn’t mean small businesses are off the hook. Neither is it just financial organisations or professional services – it applies to all businesses.

Start planning now – it’s never too early, and May 25th 2018 will be here before we know it.

The regulations stipulate certain businesses and all public authorities must have a Data Protection Officer. Even if your business doesn’t ‘need’ one from a legal standpoint, it would make sense to have someone in your business who is responsible for this area. The first thing that person should do is to look at the business as a whole and consider what data you have and how it’s currently stored.

The only safe way of destroying paper waste is shredding. And that’s where McCarthy’s Safe Shred comes in. Unless you’re a one man band with only a few bits of paperwork, or you have a paperless office, the likelihood is there’s lots of paper in your workplace with all kinds of information on it – and getting rid of it safely without help would be a full time job on its own. Whether it’s invoices, addresses, emails, names – whatever information it includes, it needs to be disposed of safely.

At McCarthy’s Safe Shred we can come to your office, with fully vetted, uniformed members of staff, and take away your confidential waste to be destroyed. This can either take place at our secure Leeds’ shredding facility, or even directly outside your premises in our mobile shredding van. Either way, you receive a certificate to let you know your waste has been completely destroyed, as proof. You can do this as a regular service, every week, fortnight, bi-monthly, whatever suits you, or we can come do the job as a one off as and when it’s needed.

Even if you are a one-man band, with our at home service we can send you a sack to fill, which you can then return to us, ready to be shredded. Saves hours standing over a shredder yourself, feeding pieces of paper through one at a time, and it only costs £10!

Whatever process you have in place, it’s vital that information about what is happening is fully passed down to all members of staff, and anyone who will be spending time at your place of work. Employees can’t abide by the new laws if they don’t understand them, or the consequences of not complying. With the best will in the world, it’s easy for the odd piece of paper to accidentally be put in a normal rubbish bin, or for someone to take a document home, and then dispose of it there. There needs to be strict rules in place so everyone understands what is and isn’t acceptable.

To make it easier for members of staff, why not consider our in office consoles – locked bins which are specifically there for waste which needs to be shredded. This ensures everyone knows where paper needs to go, and we come and empty it as needed.

Or perhaps your business would benefit from off-site archiving? If you have high volumes of paperwork which need keeping for a specific period of time, we can store them in our secure document management facility. A barcode system ensures these are fully tracked, and so should you require them back at any time it can be done within the hour. However, we can also agree with you a date when the paperwork will no longer be needed – at which point we immediately shred it, and provide you with a certificate of destruction as proof. Takes the hassle out of you needing to remember how long you’ve had things, or mountains of paperwork piling up which no one can ever keep on top of.

But remember that these new regulations don’t apply to just paperwork. Electronic equipment is also included. Devices must be kept safe with passwords and encryptions, but even once you decide to get rid of equipment, it needs to be handled appropriately. Just wiping data isn’t enough – and criminals can still gain access in many cases. They need to be professionally wiped and if they’re not being refurbed, they must be shredded. McCarthy’s offers hard drive shredding facilities, which ensure there’s absolutely zero chance of data being retrieved. This includes everything from laptops and PCs to mobiles, tablets, printers, scanners, photocopiers, discs and USBs. Remember, not everything that stores data is always obvious. Take a closer look before disposing of any such item.

All of our waste is recycled, so not only are you doing the best for your organisation and customers, you’re also helping the environment.

And when you think of the potential fine, never mind the damage to your reputation and customer relationships, it’s definitely worth taking this subject seriously and investing in change now. Why not get in touch and see if we can help?


Excellent service all round. The ladies in the reception at Harrogate were professional and friendly, the storage unit itself was modern, easy to access and exactly what I needed to store some of my belongings during a house move, cannot fault this facility at all.

5 Stars

Extremely great service

5 Stars

Overall safe and effective storage although my unit occasionally leaked when it rained.The continual fee increases during Covid were unacceptable and my complaints received no reply. Compulsory insurance issued by McCarthys is another rip off factor.

2 Stars
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