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Get Ready, Get Set, Get Organised!

Written by on April 26, 2017

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April 26th is Get Organised Day. Woo hoo, I hear you cry!

Or maybe not… As let’s face it, getting organised isn’t most people’s idea of fun (well, I know that’s not strictly true, some people get a kick out of a good clear out – but I think it’s probably the results rather than the doing the clearing that makes them smile!)

But, getting organised is definitely good for the soul. Did your teacher used to say “A tidy desk is a tidy mind”? And there’s undoubtedly a grain of truth in there. If your life (and home and work) is full of clutter, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed. Being organised can save you time and stress. No more searching high and low for that invoice which you remember came in and needs paying – but can’t find. No more hours spent hunting for that jacket you know you bought last year but can’t quite place.

But fear not! Much as organising isn’t necessarily the way you want to spend your Saturday night, it doesn’t have to be hard work. McCarthy’s is here to help. Getting organised may take a bit of time to start with, but after a while it’s going to help you gain back far more time in return.

Now is the perfect time for a proper declutter. There’s even some handy Bank Holidays approaching – so you don’t need to lose a work day or a weekend!

Whether it’s at home or an office (or a home office), get the bin bags out and get sorting. Create three piles – one to keep, one to bin and one to rehome.

Rehoming can take a variety of forms. Maybe it’s ready for the charity shop, or you know a family member or colleague who could benefit from it. Or maybe you still need to hang on to it – but you don’t need to have access to it very often. For the last situation, self-storage is the perfect solution. We can find you a space from the size of a phone box to the size of a three-bed house (if you are having a clear out of a mansion). From just £6 a week, this space is yours and yours alone. Only you have the key – we can’t access it. Self-storage is a great idea when you have things which are cluttering up your space, but you do still need to keep them.  Whether it’s important documents, summer clothes, Christmas decorations or seasonal stock, package them up, label them, and keep them safe and secure until you need them. And if you realise you need them at 3am on a Sunday morning, that’s not a problem – you can get to them.

Your pile for the bin should be given some thought. If we’re talking holey t-shirts and broken toys, then a trip to the tip it is. However, if we’re talking old paperwork, you need to give it some serious consideration. If it’s your own personal paperwork, consider using our one-off home shredding service. We’ll send you a sack and for just £10 plus VAT we’ll shred the whole lot for you in our industrial machines. Much easier and quicker than hand feeding individual sheets through a home shredder!

If you’re a business you have a duty of care under the data protection act. You have a legal obligation to carefully dispose of anything with customer or employee data on it – which can include email addresses or even names. We can help with commercial shredding requirements, whether it’s a regular service you require, to keep on top of the clutter going forward, or just ad hoc. It’s one less thing for you to worry about.

If you’re disposing of electronic equipment remember they’re also included under the data protection act. Scammers have been known to access data on hard drives owner’s thought they had wiped clean. Get in touch with us to find out more about our IT shredding service.

If you’re spring cleaning the office, maybe it’s time to consider some off-site archiving and document management? For a lot of firms – especially ones in professional services – paper files can take up huge amounts of space. Which is expensive when it comes to office rentals! Our document management service can help keep these important documents in our secure storage facility, properly categorised and filed. So, should you urgently need to access a document our barcode system can tell us where it is in seconds, and we can have it delivered to you within a matter of hours (or minutes, if you’re just round the corner!). We can even set a time limit so that when you know you will no longer need to keep hold of a file, we safely destroy it. And all our shredded waste goes off to be recycled so you’re even doing your bit for the environment – as your certificate of destruction will certify.

So, what are you waiting for? Get Ready, Get Set, Get Organised Day!


Great service from the storage department. Helped me find the right unit and it was a smooth transaction. Would recommend them highly

5 Stars

Would have liked more information in print regarding the actual pricing structure particularly all the 'added' extras - insurance, cleaning, deposit, padlock - rather than just the price quoted on-line! Also details regarding access times - as there seems to be an additional charge for longer / 24-hour access, only standard office opening hours covered by the charge.

Staff very pleasant and helpful!

4 Stars

The salesperson who took my initial call and provided the quote on which I based my decision, omitted to inform me of several add-ons until after I had arrived to sign up for the unit with a van load of possessions to offload.

The service works OK although they need to provide some larger trolleys than the limited range available.

The location is accessible.

Not as flexible or as straightforward as StoreFirst in Leeds and Normanton who I have also used.

2 Stars
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