The World is your Oyster – Using a virtual office to support remote working

Jun 23, 2016 | Business Centre

We all know how busy working life is, trying to juggle everyday commitments along with business obligations can be tiring and, sometimes, impossible. Being forced to skip your child’s Christmas play to answer important calls, waiting around for hours to sign for a parcel that doesn’t arrive. Sound familiar? A virtual office could mean that situations like this are a thing of the past.

So, what exactly is a virtual office? No, it’s not something you might see circling the galaxy on Star Trek! The service exists to support individuals and businesses who want to maintain a professional office exterior whilst working from wherever they wish. Packages can be created to compliment a client’s individual business needs with services ranging from simple telephone and receptionist support to more complex assistance.

virtual offices

During the 1990s support of virtual offices began to grow within the professional world – the notion of a flexible alternative to the traditional leased space increasing substantially in popularity. In 2016 it is still clear that when setting up a new business, or nurturing an existing one, the benefits and disadvantages of physical office space need to be carefully weighed up. Whether your business exists predominantly online and therefore offices might be seen as unnecessary or you’re just starting out with a limited budget, this could be an excellent option for you.

Here at McCarthy’s we understand that whilst professionalism and a positive reputation continue to be a priority, the rigid nature and cost of a formal lease doesn’t suit every business. A virtual office could be the perfect compromise, with flexible features including:

  • A local telephone code of your choosing
  • Calls answered by a professional in your company name
  • Calls forwarded to telephone numbers of your choice, so you can answer from wherever you prefer to work, whether it’s home or a coffee shop!
  • Messages taken and forwarded either by telephone, email or held for collection
  • Post held for collection or forwarded
  • Faxes received and held for collection
  • Free use of café-style breakout area with complimentary refreshments – perfect for when you need a change of scenery, and offering networking opportunities
  • Preferential rates on meeting room facilities, so if you do need a face to face chat with customers, clients or colleagues, there’s a private and professional environment available

mccarthys meeting room

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