Why shredding is the green choice

Apr 20, 2023 | Professional Shredding

Most of us have made a conscious effort to reduce our paper usage over recent years. With mobile phones, tablets and computers, there’s often little need to have physical paperwork in quite the same way.

Need a report for your boss? Probably best to email it to him. Want to check your bank statements? Well they’re all in the app rather than kept in a filing cabinet any more. Heading for a flight? I’ll grab my digital boarding pass.

With so much now done electronically, you might be surprised to hear that paper usage is actually increasing. In fact, worldwide consumption of paper has risen by 400 per cent in the last 40 years. A shocking third (35 per cent) of harvested trees are used for paper manufacture.

With that fact in mind, it’s vital that as end users of the product, we make sure we act responsibly when it comes to how we dispose of it.

Which is why using a professional shredding service can be a huge help – both within a business and as a consumer.

Document disposal is something we all need to take care with – both from an environmental perspective, but also due to safety.

Documentation is often used in cases of identity fraud, where a discarded letter or statement gives away enough information to be used by criminals. In a professional setting, GDPR laws mean businesses have a responsibility to ensure they keep any data from customers, clients, employees or suppliers safe. With regards to paperwork, that undoubtedly involves shredding.

Of course, anyone can purchase their own shredder to use. But they tend to be bulky to store and frustrating to use – often getting jammed or overheating. And then you still need to find a way to recycle the paper afterwards. Did you know that household recycling collections often don’t accept shredded paper? 

So the best solution is to find local shredding companies which can meet your needs. At McCarthy’s we can help with either a professional document shredding service or home shredding services.

For businesses we can provide a lockable console for you to keep in your office, which people add their paper waste to as needed. We then collect that console either as part of a regular collection or when it’s full. Or if you have lots of people working from home, we can provide shredding sacks to be filled. They are then dropped off at our Leeds-based shredding facility, ready to be destroyed. 

Those sacks can also be used by individuals at home – perfect for when you’re having a clear out. Just fill them up, seal them, and return them to us. We then shred those on our industrial sized shredders and rip them to pieces! 

But then the best bit happens – we recycle every last bit! And we don’t ship them off overseas, or send them off somewhere unaccountable. They’re transferred to a UK-based recycling plant and turned into anything from paper towels to toilet roll! So that’s where your old bank statement might end up…

We can also provide you with a certificate of destruction and recycling to help with your own organisation’s environmental targets.

So if you want to make sure you dispose of your paperwork in the greenest – and safest – way possible, why not get in touch?

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