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When Santa’s been a little too generous

Written by on December 21, 2018


We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas!

However, if you’re anything like us – your waistband is not the only thing now bursting at the seams. Christmas is a wonderful time of giving and receiving. But of course, with that, comes more ‘stuff’. If you have children that stuff can be supersized – thanks grandma for that sit in car and Aunty Katie for that (surely, almost full size) aeroplane. Then there’s the new coffee machine you asked for, the new bike, the four-seater canoe… Of course, we’re joking and it’s all stuff the family loves, but alongside the decorations, cards, Christmas trees and general Christmas paraphernalia it can feel like the walls are closing in and your home is shrinking! Where can it all go?

The dining room apparently.

A piece of research from a furniture showroom called Fishpools caught our eye little while ago. Apparently, one in five Brits use their dining room purely for storage. What a waste! The research revealed that just over two-thirds of Brits think that their dining room should be used for dining only – but 18% thought that it was better to use the space to keep their stuff. Given the price of property, it seems crazy to have a whole, entirely usable room within your house simply to store bits and pieces.

And this is when self storage comes in to play! With self storage centres in Leeds, Harrogate and Wakefield, we can provide a room of pretty much any size which you can use to keep whatever you fancy (there are a few rules, but unless you’re planning on storing anything illegal, flammable or perishable, it’s fine). Maybe you want somewhere to store that four-seater canoe. Or maybe somewhere to put the Christmas decorations when they’re not being used. Whatever you’re currently storing in your dining room – bring to self storage and free your table!

Only you have access to your unit, with your own key or code, and you can get access whenever you need it. There’s plenty of parking at each of our sites, and they’re all conveniently positioned, making it easy for you to nip back and collect or drop things off if you need to.

Or maybe the festive season has made you realise you’ve outgrown your home. If so, self storage can be a great way to help empty out your house ready to put it on the market. If it’s too small for you, you don’t want it to look cluttered and put off a potential buyer who could think it’s too small for them! It also makes it easier to decorate or do any DIY needed and keep on top of the cleaning for when viewers pop round.

And, if 2019 does end up being the year of the big move, we know a great removals company

Happy new year!


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