Top tips for an international move

Apr 20, 2023 | Moving

In the middle of winter, in particular, it can be easy to see why someone would decide to make the move away from the UK. On a particularly cold, wet and grey day, the appeal of somewhere warm and sunny – or just a change of scenery – can seem very enticing. It’s likely to be that time of year when we start getting calls about overseas removals!

Last year 560,000 people emigrated out of the UK. About 5.5 million Brits currently live abroad, in another country. As of 2019, around 994,000 UK nationals were living in other EU countries (excluding Ireland).

The top 10 places for expats to move are reportedly:

  1. Australia
  2. Spain
  3. United States
  4. Canada
  5. Ireland
  6. New Zealand
  7. South Africa
  8. France
  9. Germany
  10. Portugal

Two thirds are said to leave the UK due to work commitments or career opportunities, while the remaining third leave for lifestyle reasons, family reasons or to retire.

If you have decided to take the plunge and move abroad, it can feel overwhelming to think about the practicalities. The visas you’ll need, finding a property and job, sorting bank accounts and healthcare – before you’ve got anywhere near thinking about moving your belongings!

But luckily we’re on hand when it comes to international removals. We have over 50 years of Yorkshire removals expertise – but that doesn’t mean just moving people in this country, but also to countries across the world.

Wherever you’re lucky enough to be heading, we can help. Moving to Australia? Not a problem. Moving to America? Moving to Canada? How exciting! Relocating to New Zealand? We’d love to assist. Whether you’re moving to the significantly hotter climes of the UAE or South Africa, or you’re going to one of our closer neighbours in Europe, we’re here to help.

Here are our top tips when planning an overseas move:

  • Plan early – moves will take a bit longer to plan when it comes to international removals, so get in touch with your chosen removal company asap.
  • Take into account shipping dates – your belongings are likely to be moved by container ship which will likely take several weeks, depending on where you’re heading to. Plan that time into your arrangements. Bear in mind there may be custom delays too.
  • Decide if you want part load or full load – a full load container means you have a shipping container to yourself – useful if you’re moving a full house load. It will also be quicker than a part load as it doesn’t need to wait to be filled. You share a part load with other people – great for smaller volumes, and more cost effective.
  • Get help packing – packing for being shipped across potentially rough seas for several weeks is different than packing for a few hours in a removal lorry. Call in the experts – we can help with packing for overseas removals.
  • Keep an inventory – you are likely to need an inventory when your items arrive at customs. Again, that is something we can help with if you use our packing service.
  • Give any outdoor equipment a thorough clean – many countries have strict rules in order to prevent the spread of pests or diseases across borders. As such they will expect all garden furniture, bikes, prams, footwear and so on to be thoroughly clear of mud and dirt.
  • Think about what you’ll do with your remaining belongings – most people don’t take everything they own with them when they move overseas. Perhaps you’re planning to return home in a couple of years – in which case you might want to look at self storage. Looking for storage units, Leeds? Or if you never plan to come back to British shores, consider donating or selling what you can ahead of visiting the tip.
  • Organise pet carriage – no doubt you’ll want to take any beloved four-legged or feathered friends with you. Look at the rules for transporting animals into your chosen country as some do not allow every type to enter. Work with a reputable, specialist pet carrier to get your animal safely to its new home.
  • Follow the rules – Make sure you don’t break any removals rules about what you are and aren’t allowed to take into your chosen destination. Some place are very strict and you could find yourself in trouble if you break the rules, as well as causing yourself delays.
  • Decide if you’re taking a vehicle – we can ship vehicles for you, if that is a requirement, either with your other belongings or in a separate container. Ask us for further details.

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