The 10 most important questions you should ask your removal company

May 11, 2023 | Removals

The whole process of moving house can seem very daunting. For most people, this isn’t something they’re likely to do regularly – it may easily be a decade or more in-between moves. And suddenly you’re dealing with solicitors, estate agents, mortgage lenders, surveyors – and of course removal firms.

Knowing how to choose the best organisations to work with can be tricky – and knowing how to assess whether they can meet your needs, even trickier.

Here at McCarthy’s, we’ve been working in international storage and removals for over 50 years. In that time we’ve dealt with thousands upon thousands of moves. So we count ourselves as a bit of a dab hand at helping people move safely, efficiently, reliably and with as little stress as possible.

We thought it would be helpful to pull together a list of the must-ask questions you should be putting to any removals company, to make sure they’re worthy of your business! After all, these people will be looking after pretty much everything you own, so you want to make sure you’re in safe hands.

Here are our top 10 tips from the experts in Yorkshire Removals:

  1. How can I check out some reviews of your services? Are they registered with independent review sites such as Feefo? Can you ask local friends and family for their experiences?
  2. Are you paying for their time or for the service as a whole? This is very important. If you’re paying by the hour, are you prepared to risk running over your budget if there’s a traffic jam or a hold up at your new property? Is there a time the team has to finish by if you’ve paid for a certain number of hours?
  3. Do you have a physical office? Is there a way of contacting the company that isn’t just an email address or mobile phone number? We have had to rescue customers who have been let down on the day of their planned move by a company not turning up and then not answering the only mobile phone number they had. That’s stress nobody needs. You want to know you have more ways of staying in touch than just one person with one phone.
  4. Are you a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR)? Reputable removals companies will be a member of the BAR. We have seen some companies claim to be, even when they’re not – so make sure you check for yourself on the BAR website. Moving with a member gives you reassurances about the level of service you will receive.
  5. Can you talk me through the removal process step-by-step? You want to know that any questions you have will be answered, in a friendly and respectful way. Do you get a good gut feel from the team? Are they helpful and happy to help with any insight you need?
  6. What insurance do you have in place, and what insurance do I need? Don’t be fobbed off with ‘oh it isn’t needed’ or vague mentions. When everything you own is being driven off by a person in a vehicle, you want to know it’s covered.
  7. Can you offer safe storage facilities if I need them as part of my move? Sometimes move dates don’t tie up. It’s frequently the case in fact. If needed, can your removal team move you out of your old house, keep your belongings safe and secure for a given period of time, and then return them to you at your new home? We can and do – looking for storage units, Leeds?
  8. Can you offer packing services if I wish to use them? Packing is a long and arduous job – unless you’re a pro! Out teams can get a house packed up in next to no time, and they won’t be distracted in the way you are when it’s your own stuff. If you don’t require packing services, can your removals company help with good quality packaging materials and boxes?
  9. How will they help you with any specific items you’re concerned about moving? Perhaps you have a priceless collection of ornaments, a piano, or a painting you love. How will the removal team tackle moving that? Do they have any specialist equipment? What about for things like wardrobes and drawers – how would they prefer those to be packed? We provide special hanging boxes for the contents of wardrobes, which makes it much easier. Drawers often don’t need emptying at all.
  10. What other additional services are available? It’s always worth finding out what else a removals company can potentially do for you. For example, at McCarthy’s we also offer document disposal – which can be a blessing when you’re trying to get rid of several years’ worth of paperwork quickly and safely. Looking for shredding services near me

If you are after house removal quotes, why not get in touch? We’ll be happy to answer all these questions and more!



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