Quick sale, slow move – how to cope with a fast-selling market but a slow-moving conveyancing process

May 13, 2022 | Moving

You’d have to have been living under a rock not to have seen the media coverage around how fast properties have been selling over recent months. No sooner are For Sale signs going up, than they’re being replaced with Sold ones.

A report last month said homes were selling twice as fast as normal. Sales are being agreed a record 33 days after homes have hit the market, on average – with many going much faster. It was 67 days on average in 2019, pre-pandemic.

But then – the irony is – the sales process is taking longer than ever. A report a couple of months ago said that it is now taking, on average, 48 per cent longer to buy a house than it did in 2007. In February you were looking at around 135 days from offer to completion – the longest wait on record. That means an extra six weeks has been added to the process. The reasons for this increased timeline include extra demand and the post-Covid backlog, changes in working practices and various new rules and increased bureaucracy which needs to be navigated.

Alongside an prolonged purchase/sale process comes an increased risk of property chains falling through – which is no good for anyone!

So, what advice can we give to potential home buyers, from the removals side of things?

  • Plan early. No one knows how long your particular sale/purchase process will take, but every company involved in the property market is busy – and that includes removals. Speak to removals companies early on in the process to find which one you want to go with, so you’re ready to book them in as soon as you have an idea about moving dates. Looking for house removal quotes?
  • Is renting then buying an option? Some homeowners prefer to split out the sale and purchase part of the process to a) give them a head start against other potential buyers when it comes to buying a property with a no chain sale and b) so there’s less chance of their sale falling through and breaking the chain. So, they sell their home and move into rented or with family/friends while they look for a property to buy. If you decide to do that, we can help with self storage, Leeds. You can either use our self storage units independently, or we can collect your belongings in a removal van, as we would with any move, and take them away to store for you. We have storage units in Leeds where we keep your items safe and secure until you need them, when they’re redelivered back in the van to an address on your choosing.
  • Get a head start on a clear out. If things are going to be delayed don’t waste time getting sorted and organised. We can help with boxes and packing materials and if you’re googling ‘shredding services near me’ look no further. We can help with all your confidential waste disposal.
  • Make sure you choose an accredited removal company. Always look for a removal firm which is BAR approved, and has the relevant British Standards. They’ll be looking after everything you own – it’s not something you want to take a risk with!

Looking for storage units, Leeds; shredding companies near me; or house removal prices? Get in touch to find out more about how we can help make your move stress free.

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