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Top 10 pictures of puppies…in boxes

Written by on March 20, 2015

mccarthys removal boxes

Everyone loves a picture of a puppy in a box!

It’s the golden rule of social media surely that if you see a picture of a cute animal doing something funny you must immediately stop what you’re doing to look at it and then share it with everyone you know!

(Although I do appreciate there are people out there who aren’t dog people. That’s ok, there’s room for all of us here and to be honest, for me, a cute baby animal is a cute baby animal!) If however, you are in fact a cat person, let us know on Facebook and Twitter and we’ll put up our top 10 ‘kitten in a box’ pictures next!)


  1. This little chap knows how to get of trouble! By showing us his big old eyes!

big eyes puppy in a box










  1. Possibly the cutest present ever received that is now the number one gift on my birthday list for this year – adorable!

dog in a box

3. This tiny little fella! How did he even get into the box in the first place??

puppy in a box












4. The Cleverest Puppy in the litter!

puppy in box with glasses












Nice specs! :)


5. The happiest puppy in the litter!

happy-puppy-in-a-box shredding





















He has also very efficiently shredded his paperwork…that’s what we like to see


6. The entire litter!!

lots of puppies in a box










7.  This lot look like they’re having the best day ever!

very happy puppies

8. I’m not sure this puppy realises quite how big he is…

husky big in a box

















9. I think this little one might have a new favourite toy – who knew boxes could be so much fun!









10. And finally…he’s not in a box….


very happy little dog





I hope we’ve managed to brighten up your day!


And if you would like to purchase boxes for your removal/puppy – feel free to head over here


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