Making space for Christmas

Oct 22, 2018 | Storage Info

There are two types of people in this world.

The ones who want to leap with joy at the thought that there are only 10 more Mondays until Christmas, and those who come out in a cold sweat at the very idea.

Whichever you may be, it’s a fact that we’re now in the 60s when we look at how many days there are until the BIG one.

Research last year from British Airways showed that Brits spend more than £19 billion on presents every year, buying 1.1 billion presents. On average we buy 22 different gifts for nine different people – spending £379 each. Guess it varies, depending on whether nan is happy with a box of Quality Street or her tastes run more to Channel. On top of gifts, we eat 308 million slices of turkey and 411 million sprouts, we pull 154 million crackers, tuck into 205 million slices of Christmas cake or pudding, and toast the festive season with more than 200 million glasses of champagne.

Whichever way you look at it, Christmas brings with it a lot of ‘stuff’.

Luckily, ‘stuff’ is something were good at dealing with at McCarthy’s. Over recent years, we’ve noticed a huge increase in the number of internet businesses using our self storage facilities. The rise of online shopping, and supersites such as eBay, have opened up a world of opportunity for budding entrepreneurs. More and more people are setting up their own business – either as a full time role or something they do to fit around other commitments, often working from home. But working from home can have its problems, especially with a business such as retail which requires a lot of stock. If you work from your garage, spare room or kitchen table, suddenly you can feel like the house is bursting at the seams and work spills over quite messily into your personal life.

Perhaps you sell Christmas decorations, or items which make ideal gifts. Maybe you buy and sell furniture, and this time of year is great for grabbing a bargain as people try to make more space ahead of the festive season. Perhaps you’re a food manufacturer whose premises just aren’t big enough to hold all the stock you need at this time of year. A lot of the businesses we work with have peaks and troughs, and often find they need additional space at certain times of the year – particularly at Christmas. This then calms down again in the new year, so it’s pointless paying rent for an ongoing lease of larger or additional premises.

This is when self storage is the perfect solution. At the McCarthy’s Storage Worlds in Leeds, Harrogate and Wakefield, flexibility is our middle name. Well, it would be our middle name, if we had a middle name.

We understand sometimes you need extra space just for a couple of months, and that’s fine. We also understand that sometimes you get to the end of that time and realise you still need it – that’s also fine! We can scale up or scale down the size of your storage unit according to your needs and there’s no long contracts to tie you in. Whether you need a room the size of a phone box, or one the size of a tennis court (or most probably in between) we can help.

You hold the only key to your unit and you can gain access whenever you need it – 24 hours a day to suit your schedule. Lifts and trolleys help make moving your items to and from vehicle nice and easy, and there’s plenty of car parking at all of our easily accessible sites. Individual pin entry and CCTV helps keep your items safe and sound – and importantly, out of your home or office.

So, this Christmas, don’t spend the run up living (or working) amongst an ever-growing pile of boxes. Even the big man in red needs a bit of extra space in his workshop come December…

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