How to prepare your car for long term storage

Apr 26, 2016 | Storage Info

Did you know that we can keep your car in long term storage if you need us to?

There can be many reasons people need to store their car – perhaps they’re travelling overseas for an extended period and want to make sure it’s somewhere safe. Or perhaps they have a convertible or classic car that doesn’t really get on with the UK’s winter weather…

Leaving it sitting in your garage might not be an option, and leaving it on a street or driveway is risky from a safety point of view. And even if you have the space, the last thing you want to chance is a group of rodents finding the car and deciding to chew through some wires before making a cosy den in the engine.

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At McCarthy’s we can safely store your car until it’s needed, however long that may be. You can get easy access as and when you need it, but your vehicle will be covered by our 24 hour security, and vermin control!





If you are planning on putting a vehicle in storage, here are our top 10 tips for getting it ready:

  1. Get clean – Give the car a good clean, inside and out, before putting it away. Bird droppings left on the exterior can damage the paintwork, and you don’t want to come back to any unusual smells from food that was dropped inside and forgotten about. A coat of wax will provide added protection.
  2. Get covered – even though the car will be stored indoors, a car cover will help keep it protected, clean and dust-free.
  3. Are you insured? Check with your insurance company what they would recommend in terms of insurance, but it should lessen your premiums to be off the road. You may also be entitled to a road tax rebate if you can apply for a SORN.
  4. Fill it up – it may seem odd to fill the petrol tank before you leave it, but by doing so you’re preventing moisture from accumulating inside the tank. A fuel stabiliser should also be added to protect the engine and prevent the gas from degrading.
  5. Change the Oil – not only does this mean you’re coming back to a car that’s primed and ready to go, but it means you’re getting rid of any contaminants lingering in there.
  6. Flat batteries – disconnect the battery when you leave the car for an extended period of time. Check the car’s handbook first to see if this will affect any on board computers, and check you have any codes you might need once it’s all reconnected. Or, depending on your reasons for storing the car, you could try and pop in regularly to give the car a quick run about to keep the battery charged.
  7. Ventilation – consider leaving the windows partly open for ventilation.
  8. Look after your tires – before storing the car, make sure all the tyres are at the recommended pressure. Flat spots can develop if a car is left in one position for too long. Even better, consider removing the wheels, and putting the car on blocks. When you’re ready to retrieve your car, make sure you check the tyre pressure before driving.
  9. Braking up – It might be best not to apply the handbrake (there’s a chance it may fuse) and to instead use chocks behind the wheels to keep the car stationary.
  10. Lubrication – Lubricate locks and elements such as door and boot hinges to ensure they don’t seal shut.

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