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How self storage can help create a harmonious household

Written by on October 9, 2019

Self Storage Units in Leeds

It will be no surprise to many people that in the last 20 years there’s been a dramatic increase in the number of adults continuing to live at home with their parents.

In fact, over the last 20 years, the figures have risen by nearly a million. In 1997, 19 per cent of 20 to 34 year olds continued to live with their parents, equating to 2.4 million people – but by 2017, that had risen to almost 26 per cent, or 3.4 million.

Of course, it’s no secret that rising costs of private rentals and increasing houses prices are the reason behind this increase. The average first-time house price in England is now £207,526, and the average first time buyer aged 34, due to the size of deposit needed (£33K+ according to stats last year!). That’s risen more than £50,000 since the start of 2012, and looking back further, since 1996 average house prices have risen by an extraordinary 281% across the UK.

For many people it means maybe moving back in with the folks in order to save up a sufficient deposit to get on the property ladder. Moving home when you’ve had your own space at university or renting can be tricky – not least because of the amount of ‘stuff’ you have probably acquired! And what does that mean for the parents who have perhaps had some time in the house on their own? Although they may not have gone so far as to turn what was their child’s bedroom into a gym or craft room (although they may have!), it’s certainly true that the more room you think you have, the more you occupy it!

In situations like these, a storage unit can be a great solution for everyone. If space needs to be cleared to make room back in the family home, anything not needed day to day can be placed into storage units – yet still easily accessed at a moment’s notice if it’s needed back. At McCarthy’s you can gain access whenever you need it, and you have your own unique pin code and lock and key, so you know your belongings are kept safe at all times.

For those who have been renting before moving home, they may have furniture, household equipment or college work which is just not needed in the short term. Self storage is a great place to keep those until they’re needed again – after all there’s no point getting rid of them only to have to buy them again when it is time to fly the nest.

Living with clutter is a sure fire way to cause arguments, and living together as adults is bound to have its stress points for most families. So, keeping things safely stored away, rather than having to trip up over boxes, or feeling annoying that the garage is piled high, makes much more sense for family harmony! 

Our Harrogate storage, Wakefield Storage and Leeds Storage centres (and launching next year – York), are all conveniently placed with plenty of parking to make it as easy as possible for you to transfer your items from vehicle to storage unit. There’s even trolleys and lifts to help you. We can find you the ideal size of storage unit to meet your needs and there’s no lengthy contracts to tie you into – we can be entirely flexible, to the day, meaning if a move out is forthcoming, there’s no need to worry. And if a move is coming – don’t forget McCarthy’s Removals!


Your Self Storage Experience So Far

I’ve been using McCarthy’s for a long time now, and am more than happy with my storage unit. The units are very accessible and always clean and tidy. The helpful staff are always on hand if you need any assistance. Wendi in particular has been a pleasure to deal with and extremely efficient.

5 Stars
Your Self Storage Experience This Far - York

Their service was above and beyond as Wendi and her husband drove to the York site on Sunday afternoon to accommodated my son with his storage room as we were traveling from Glasgow to South Wales via York to drop off his belongings for university.

5 Stars
Your Removal Experience

We had the packing and moving service, they were very professional, polite and did a great job. They didn't just put everything in the boxes they held back things like filler or legal documents in case we might need them. There was also a delay in getting into the new house and they were very patient and didn't complain. Made things a huge amount less stressful for us. I would highly recommend.

5 Stars

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