Gin & tonic, roast beef & Yorkshire puddings, removals & storage…

Jul 2, 2018 | Business Centre, Moving, Professional Shredding, Storage Info

Some things are just meant to be together.

Ok, “love and marriage goes together like a horse and carriage” may be a bit of a cliché nowadays, but at McCarthy’s we definitely have a raft of services we offer for either individuals or businesses which complement each other perfectly. Just like fish and chips, tea and biscuits and strawberries and cream (should we be worried that all of our examples are food-related?)

For a less calorie-filled example, our clients often pair up storage with a removals booking. It could be container storage – they want the contents of their home packing up and then storing safely for a few weeks while they wait for the house they are purchasing to complete. Or it could be self storage to help with the house-selling process. Nothing makes a house sell better than a lack of clutter and the impression of light, airy space! Plus, it means you have a good sort-out ahead of the actual move, which is definitely a wise idea.

We can even help with self drive van hire, or you can hire a man and van from us to help shift some of the big stuff into storage ahead of the estate agent coming round with their camera.

Of course, once your home is sold, we can help get all your precious belongings safely to your lovely new home, and even help with packing if you want us to. We sell boxes too, so you can make sure everything is as easy to move as possible – and kept safe in transit.

So, self storage and removals go together like…. A sunny day and sun cream?? (we’re trying to move away from food…)

Then there’s the business side of things. We have all kinds of inter-connecting services.

Need to find somewhere to store items, so you can actually fit a desk into your office, rather than just having stock almost reaching the ceiling? Self storage would be an ideal solution. Accessible 24×7, secure, and with great transport links and ample car parking, you can still get to your items whenever you need them. If it’s documents which are threatening to take over your workspace, why not consider our document management and archiving service? We’ll keep everything safe, and with a state-of-the-art barcoding system, you can get the file you need back within minutes. It can also help you meet the recently implemented GDPR requirements.

If the documents are no longer required and need to be got rid of, look no further than McCarthy’s Safe Shred.  We can fully destroy paperwork in our industrial size shredders – either outside your premises in our mobile van, or at our secure warehouse. Either way you receive a certificate of destruction and recycling – all our paper waste goes off to be recycled in the UK and comes back as paper tissues and toilet roll. It’s as clever a pairing as Eric and Ernie or Lennon and McCartney.

Perhaps even with all that decluttering and storing your workspace still isn’t big enough. We can help then too. We can help physically move you, with our business removals service, ensuring everything is done as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you lose the least amount of time possible. Time is money and all that!

But we can also help you with where to move – as we have our very own serviced business centre in Leeds! With offices to suit a range of different sized companies – from a one-man band upwards – you benefit from all bills included, high speed broadband, central meeting rooms, kitchens and chill out spaces and a reception area and reception staff to help ensure your company always gives off the right professional vibes. Perfect. Posh and Becks and Torvill and Dean, eat your heart out

So, if you’re looking for a clever pairing, or the full Monty (not like the film – that’s not part of the offering…) why not give us a call? Maybe we’ll be able to help you solve a number of problems with just one conversation.

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