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Eight ways self storage can win the day for businesses

Written by on February 1, 2019


Whether it’s big business or a one man band, more and more organisations are seeing the benefits of using self storage. However, for every one putting it to good use to help their business thrive, there’s another who has never even considered if it could make a big difference for their company.

Lots of people immediately think of homeowners when you talk about self storage – and certainly there are lots of people who use us when they’re moving house or renovating, or as somewhere to store things they rarely need. But we also have a huge number of businesses who hire storage units at our Leeds, Harrogate and Wakefield sites – from professional services and public sector organisations to tradesmen and online retailers.

So, how can self storage be put to good use if you’re a business?

1 – To save having to move premises

Office space is expensive. Sometimes the office itself is actually big enough, but you start to run out of space because of all the ‘stuff’ – stock, filing, paperwork – it can take over and make the place seem the exact opposite of Doctor Who’s Tardis. Consider if renting some self storage could solve your problem – if all the items you don’t need day to day were moved to external storage, would that free up enough room for you to stay put for now? It might just buy you some extra time – and you can still get access to your things whenever you need them.

2 – To expand without having to make a huge leap

Working from your kitchen table/garage/spare room can be fantastic when you first start out to save on rent, but it can soon start to have its issues. Having no separation between work and home life, having work items taking over the house, and considerations around what to do if you need to take on staff, can all cause worry. Hiring a self storage unit could be the ideal next step. You can choose a space to suit you, and we can provide broadband and a phone connection, alongside heating and lighting, to make it a comfortable and productive place to be.

3 – To cope with seasonality

We know that stock levels may ebb and flow – so maybe at certain times of the year you could do with additional space. With no long term contracts, you can hire a storage unit at short notice and for exactly how long you need to meet your demand. We work with lots of ‘pick and pack’ companies and eBay traders who might find demand increases around the summer or Christmas, depending on what they sell.

4 – For document storage

Sometimes it can feel like paperwork is everywhere. With GDPR, tax rules and employment records alone it can feel like there’s mountains you need to keep. At McCarthy’s we offer two options for document storage. You can use our managed Archiving service, where we keep the files for you, in a bar-coded warehouse, or you could use self storage to effectively do that for yourself. Just make a note of where you keep everything so you can retrieve it easily if needed! We can even shred the documents for you once they’re no longer needed.

5 – For flexibility – to be scalable as you need it

The great thing about self storage is its flexibility. There’s no tying yourself into long, complicated contracts. We can get you a storage unit which exactly meets your requirements in terms of size – no point paying for space you don’t need! We know things can change though, so you can even scale up or down your storage space if needed, subject to availability, if you give us a week’s notice.

6 – Keeping things safe and sound

At McCarthy’s you can be sure your goods are safe and secure. Entrance to the storage centres is by pin code only, and you hold the only key to your storage unit. We can’t even get in there! That’s alongside CCTV, remote monitoring, onsite staff, and state of the art smoke detectors. We take keeping your items safe very seriously, so you don’t need to worry when you’re away from work.

7 – Enjoying easy access

All three of our storage centres are conveniently located – easy to get to by road, and with ample car parking, whether you’re driving a car or an articulated lorry. There’s even drive up units available, where you can reverse a vehicle right outside. Alternatively, we have trolleys and pallet trucks to help with loading and unloading. There’s even a forklift truck at Leeds! As a removals company too, we have lots of handy equipment, and can offer advice if needed.

8 – No missed deliveries

One of the perks of using our self storage centres is you can have deliveries made to them. On the six days they’re there, our reception teams are happy to sign for packages for you, making sure you never miss that vital delivery. Because we don’t have access to your unit, we will keep it in a safe space until your next visit.

So, give it some thought – could self storage help take your business to the next level?


Great service from the storage department. Helped me find the right unit and it was a smooth transaction. Would recommend them highly

5 Stars

Would have liked more information in print regarding the actual pricing structure particularly all the 'added' extras - insurance, cleaning, deposit, padlock - rather than just the price quoted on-line! Also details regarding access times - as there seems to be an additional charge for longer / 24-hour access, only standard office opening hours covered by the charge.

Staff very pleasant and helpful!

4 Stars

The salesperson who took my initial call and provided the quote on which I based my decision, omitted to inform me of several add-ons until after I had arrived to sign up for the unit with a van load of possessions to offload.

The service works OK although they need to provide some larger trolleys than the limited range available.

The location is accessible.

Not as flexible or as straightforward as StoreFirst in Leeds and Normanton who I have also used.

2 Stars
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