DIY shredding or call in the professionals?

Mar 14, 2023 | Professional Shredding

We may well be moving towards being a paperless society, but there’s no denying most of us still have plenty of paperwork knocking around our houses and offices.

Some of us are more diligent than others at having regular clear-outs, taking ourselves off mailing lists or asking for digital updates instead of paper ones. But there’s many a household which still has paperwork galore. They might be pay slips and bank statements from years gone by, updates about credit cards or savings rates, letters from the doctor or utility and council tax bills – there still seems to be a surprising amount comes through the door, as well as those things we have stored away in filing cabinets (or under the bed), thinking we might need it later on.

But there’s no denying that most paperwork isn’t needed any more, if you’re digitally active. Most things can be accessed online – or you can even scan in some documents to store yourself. Even if you’re not digitally active, there’s a limit to how long you’re recommended to keep hold of copies of paperwork. But it’s always worth checking what the current rules are around tax returns and pay slips and how long they’re needed.

Of course there’s some paperwork it’s always recommended to keep hold of – such as planning permissions, birth certificates and house deeds. But imagine if instead of having box/drawer/garage-fulls, you could get it down to a more manageable folder or two? It definitely would free up some space and we all always need more space.

But of course, getting rid of paperwork is never as easy as chucking bin bags full in the bin or recycling. It needs sorting – and checking to see if it contains confidential information. If you’ve kept hold of it, the likelihood is it will. From addresses to NHS numbers, National Insurance details to account numbers, it’s a minefield.

Shredding is what we all know we need to do – but sticking anything more than a couple of sheets through a home shredder fills most of us with dread. Overheating, paper jams, the slow laborious process – it’s no fun. So have you considered a professional document shredding service?

Many people think document disposal services are only for businesses or large requirements. Did you know there are home shredding companies like us too?

Just let us know how many sacks you think you’ll need and we can arrange for those to be sent to you. You then fill them with whatever confidential paperwork you need to safely dispose of, seal the bag and return it to us at our Leeds base, which is easily accessible and has ample free parking.

The sack gets emptied into our industrial size shredders and is made into the tiniest confetti before you’ve even had time to unjam the first blockage in your manual shredder. Simple and effective! And at only £15 plus VAT per sack, it’s a really cost effective way to have a very good clear out. It’s suitable for homeowners and small businesses and offers peace of mind that your details are being kept safely away from fraudsters. For larger businesses we can offer a collection service and in-office lockable bins which can be regularly emptied for you.

And of course, if you can’t face tackling the paperwork at all – we can always help with storage units in Leeds! Out of sight, out of mind!

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