25 Uses for a Storage Room


Over the years we have seen many uses for our Storage rooms. Some people just want a bit of Personal time, others operate businesses from them. Discover the more eclectic uses that you can use a McCarthys Storage Room for.

Store Things

Unsurprisingly, the best use of a storage space is… for storage. But we're just getting started. Scroll on for more creative, unconventional and unique ideas.

The Scream Box

Until someone manages to invent the 'Cone of Silence', having a scream box is the perfect remedy for stressful modern life. Soundproof the walls, put a poster of Katie Hopkins up and let loose.

Trophy Room

Sure, you might not have won a an award since that badminton tournament fourteen years ago. But that doesn't matter - be proud of your achievements and present them properly. And remember, you no longer need to win them - you can just buy them! No one needs to know...

Wine Cellar

Whether you're a wine conosseur or a 'well, it was reduced from £8 to £5 so it must be good' type of shopper, you can impress your visitors with your very own wine cellar.

Wood Workshop

Remember all those power tools you bought and swore you would do something with in the future? Well, now is your chance - sure, what might have started as a corner table might end up as a wonky shelf, but at least you tried.

Home Gym

Fed up of wiping someone elses sweat from an exercise bike that you've patiently waited for? Or spending £30 on a gym membership that you swear you're going to cancel, but can't bring yourself to do so? Take the gym experience to your own home and kit out your storage space with your very own exercise equipment.

Meditation Space

If the Scream Box is a tad too noisy for your likings, light up some incense, play some sounds of the ocean and relax.

Yoga Space

Oh, so meditation isn't good enough for you? Feel like you have to contort your body into uncomfortable shapes? Then your very own private yoga space is the ideal option.

Reading Library

Just want some peace and quiet so you can fully enjoy your book? Make yourself a cuppa tea, grab a few hobnobs and retire into your very own reading room.

Mini Recording Room

Did you know that Avicii started out his career in a storage unit? Well, that's actually a lie, but that's not to say that you couldn't begin your journey there.

Band Practice Room

Garage Band? Please… it's all about Storage Bands these days. Probably.

Dance Studio

We all secretly think we can breakdance, but god forbid we actually unleash these skills in public. At least with your very own dance studio, you can brush up on your moves, dance like nobody's watching and avoid running the risk of destroying any nearby furniture.

Film Studio

There's money in screaming into a camera in the name of entertainment, so give your neighbours a break and set up your very own YouTube studio.

Cinema Room

Want the cinema experience without the unnervingly sticky floors or fellow cinema-goers snapchatting their reactions to the plot? Bring it home, set up a projector, a comfy sofa and put some microwave popcorn on. Lovely.

Photo Studio

A picture is worth a thousand words, so logically a decent picture is worth even more! A storage space is the perfect opportunity to set up your own lighting rig and studio conditions to produce quality photography without forking out thousands.

Photo Dark Room

It might be a slightly outdated medium in this digital age, but it's the ideal way to flex your hipster skills and/or develop quality photographs with your very own dark room.

Art Studio

Whether you're pickling sheep, painting a cubist interpretation of a banana or going all Jackson Pollock on a canvas, having your own studio is the ideal setting to let artistic talents run loose. In no time you'll be joining history's greatest artists like Michelangelo, Picasso and Neil Buchanan.

Pottery Room

Whether you're wanting to create some quality earthenware or simply recreate that scene from Ghost, having your own pottery room is a fantastic use of storage space.

Society Meeting Room

Go head-to-head and toe-to-toe with your rival in a tense game of chess, in your very own tournament space. For extra effect, invite a group of friends around to cheer and jeer and ramp up the atmosphere.

Train Set Hobby Room

Under constant threat of pets, children and un-coordinated relatives, a train set is never really safe in the house. With your own hobby room, you can plan, set up and conduct your very own train track. Just watch out for miniature leaves on the line, of course.

Magic Show Staging Area

A showman is nothing without a stage to perform on, and a storage space is a perfect opportunity to hone your sorcery skills. The space could also be utilised as a development space to invent, construct and develop your own magic tricks.

Big Ball Pit

There was little more exciting than diving into a ball pit as a kid… unfortunately as an adult, you may be expected to dive into less exciting prospects like ironing, mortgages and ISAs. Well… balls to that. Literally. Let loose and build your own ball pit and relive the childhood wonderment of a pile of plastic balls.

Mini Arcade

Relive the good old days of pumping umpteen 50 pence pieces for one extra life on Jurassic Park with your very own arcade.

Virtual Reality Gaming Room

VR is widely accepted as the future of gaming, but it has one significant flaw - you look a bit of a prat doing it. Well, now you can be a prat in private and experience Pandora away from judgemental eyes.

Iron Throne Room

With Winter around the corner (there's probably a quote in there), there's never been a better time to construct your own iron throne. Just don't invite the Lannisters around - they have a patchy history around the regal seat. We're sure they'll send their regards.

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