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Document Management Services

Need a place to store your archives with easy access? We'll help you with that

Store & Archive your Documents with us!

McCarthy’s Document Management provides the ideal archive and document storage solution for you and your business. Whether you are complying with Government regulations, or want to free-up expensive office space, McCarthy’s Document Management has the answer.

Whether you want the flexibility to store yourself or you would like us to manage it for you, McCarthy’s have the solution.

We can provide secure, clean space (and racking if required) and leave you to manage your system without any unnecessary interfering or retrieval cost at our Self Storage centres in Leeds and Harrogate, or we can barcode up your boxes and files and look after the collection and retrieval of your documents for you.


What’s in it for me?

Not only will you declutter your office and create valuable space, but our storage centre is protected 24 hours a day with CCTV and off site monitoring to ensure it is the most secure storage centre available whether you use our self storage or managed storage! Rather than having to search through boxes and boxes of folders to find that one document you need, McCarthy’s Records Management use the worlds leading barcode technology to process your records quickly and accurately. We can locate your records within minutes and deliver them to your desk within the hour. If you would prefer to manage them yourself, our Storage Centres offer 24 hour access.

How does it work?

Once you’ve spoken to one of our friendly advisers and established exactly what it is you want, we’ll get the ball rolling and either send you out some boxes and bar codes to start getting your files in order, or reserve you a self storage unit! Then if you’re using our managed system, just update your spread sheet with the bar code numbers of the boxes, we will scan them into our system and then you’re ready to go!  Whenever you need a box out of store, email our records management team with the box and/or file number you require and we’ll bring it directly to you.


But if I use your system will my documents be secure?

The system keeps a full history of every box and/or file within it from the point at which it is bar-coded and created on the system, to the time it is either permanently removed by the client or destroyed. Whole boxes or individual files and documents within them can be tracked by applying a bar code to the item and scanning it against its unique bar-coded location in our Records Centre, providing swift and error free location and retrieval.

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Your Self Storage Experience

My experience with mccarthys Wakefield so far has been excellent, staff are friendly, professional and helpful! The premises are always clean and tidy. We have 4 units here as we are an expanding business, we have the peace of mind that all our stock is securely stored as there is great gated security & 24/7 CC TV.

Highly recommend this new self store facility!

5 Stars
Your self storage experience

Sorry but this was an awful experience
I booked online and paid a deposit but when i arrived there were no units of that size available
I had to persuade your colleague to reluntantly give me another unit, one slightly bigger that was available, but at the original price, as this was your error.
I subsequently vacated the unit 8 weeks later after giving due notice.
I then had to chase for the refund of my deposit.
I then had to contact again as a direct debit charge had been taken even though I was no longer using the unit.
I was then advised my refund would be £105.96.....when my deposit was £50.00 and the direct debit taken was £56.00, I queried the difference.
Eventually I got my money back 14 days after vacating the unit.

Shame becuase the facility is good and in a good location but my experience from a service viewpoint leaves a lot to be desired.

1 Stars
Your Self Storage Experience

Easy, friendly, no hassle

5 Stars

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